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1987 Chevrolet Corvette - lonewolf11

"Lil Red Corvette"

1987 Chevrolet Corvette 1987 Corvette 6
Owner:   lonewolf11
Year: 1987
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Est.Horsepower: 350
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In late January of 2006 my wife took me on a short ride to a used car dealership to look at what was available. A 1987 Corvette looked in excellent condition and was well maintained by it's previous owner(s). This particular Corvette has many of the option's available including the Z52 Performance Package.

I previously owned a 1970 LT1 and 1973 Corvette back in the 70's and my beautiful wife wanted me to have another Corvette after 32 years without one.

30 days after purchase I was driving to work when a head gasket blew without warning. One week later, with Baca's Racing Engines in South San Francisco doing the head work and installing a new Comp Cam, I had the Corvette back. The heads now sported not 9.5:1 compression but 10.5:1. A Chip was also installed to assist and increase the performance.

Once home I installed an Air Foil and Helix Power Tower along with a K&N filter. Soon after I purchased a rear deck spoiler from Ebay at a cost of $50.00. Having painted the spoiler Gloss Black to offset the beautiful Dark Red Metallic (code 74) with Leather Saddle Interior (code 622). I also installed new Front Air Dams with Front Brake Cooling Ducts. I was on my way to personalizing the Corvette to my liking.

Since my first car, a 1965 Chevelle SS with 283 bored .30 over and pushing roughly 400 ponies I have always customized and hot rodded my cars. This 1987 Corvette was not going to be any different. Along with new Bilsteins on all 4's I upgraded and changed the brakes as well.

Being on a budget I was unable to go with full length Header's. I opted on another South San Francisco resource, Sanderson Header's. Sanderson Header's makes a set of custom shorty Header's for C4 Corvettes. Replacing the front Y-Pipe, Center Pipe and rear Y-Pipe, I then added a set of Targa GT Style Mufflers from Corvette Central. I am not running any pre-cats or main cats.

August of 2008 and more improvements were needed after a hit & run driver clipped the front end. This ended up being a 5-month $10,000 project. Since I was replacing the front clip and replacing the hood I elected to do a partial restore of the Corvette. Including replacing all of the windows weather stripping and replacing the doors weather strips. Removal of the all body parts then sanding and repainting and reinstallation. In this process I added the Hi-Rise Hood.

In the near future I plan on either the Stage 1 or GTO style Front Spoiler, along with the Aerotech Rear Wrap (see ad photos). These front and rear parts will be painted Gloss Black to compliment the Rear Deck Spoiler and the car itself.

Feb. 17th 2013 updates:

Using Summit Racing parts to building the new motor (the factory L98 suffered a cracked block between pistons 6 & 8) for my 1987 Corvette. Everything internal, including the Oil Pan on up is a new 350ci Engine bored to 355 ci. Gen1 block & according to the engine builder should be able to hit in the 400+ hp range. Double Roller Rocker Timing Chain and Gears, Flat Tapet Racing Pistons 10.5:1 compression, Flat Tapet Valves, all hydraulic. Comp Cams Hydraulic Flat Tappet, CCA-12-239-3. Machined and Honed L98 Heads using 1.6 Stainless Roller Rockers, new valves, guides, and springs. With Summit Racing Chrome Valve Covers. Baca's Racing & Machine Shop in South San Francisco are working on cleaning and Honing the SLP Runner's and Plenum along with the Intake Manifold Port Matched to 52mm. Along with adding a 52mm Throttle Body. Along with Full Length Hedman Hedder's and other new parts.

Suspension has been upgraded from the Z52 to Z51.

April 27th 2013 Updates;

From a friend I was able to get a set of 4 17X9.5 inch 1988 Corvette Anniversary Wheels to replace the Factory Stock 16X8.5 wheels. The wheel set is in the process of being Black Powder Coated to match the color theme I have going with the Corvette.

Many more improvements will be made over time to the engine, transmission and the suspension upgrades. My goal is to get upwards of 450 HP with equal torque. With all of the work done so far the wife and I are very happy with the Corvette.

Below is the Specs and Option Codes on this Corvette.

Performance Year: 1987
Model: Corvette
¼ mile: 13.2 seconds @ 103 MPH
0 to 60 MPH: 5.1 seconds
Weight: 3,440 lbs.
Price: $33,438
Top Speed: 155 MPH
Fuel consumption: 19.5 MPG average
Notes: 350 cu. in. 350 hp engine w/700R4 Automatic

Vin #1G1YY2186H5106939 --- #6939 made, 1YY07
  Base Coupe price: $27,999

Code  Description            Cost
AC1   Power Passenger Seat   240.00
AC3   Power Driver Seat      240.00
AQ9   Leather Sport Seats    1,025.00
AU3   Power Door Locks       190.00
BGR   Bowling Green Assembly    0.00
B1X   Optional Steering Gear Ratio   0.00
B2B   Comp Z52 Sport Handling Package 0.00
B3W   Advance Price Sheet   0.00
B4P     Radiator Boost Fan   75.00
CC3   Roof Panel, removable  0.00
CF7   Roof Panel, removable, 1 piece body color   0.00
C2L   Dual Removable Roof Panels   915.00
C49   Electric Rear Defogger   0.00
C68   Electric Air Condition   0.00
DL8   Twin Remote Heated Mirrors   35.00
D3X   Speedometer Driven Gear #25513049 Green   0.00
D74   Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror   58.00
D98   Speedometer Sensor #25007308   0.00
E5Z   Delete Speedometer Adaptor   0.00
E9Z   Delete Speedometer Key   0.00
FG3   Delco Bilstein Shocks  189.00
G44   Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1   0.00
G92   Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1   22.00
KC4   Engine Oil Cooler      110.00
K34   Cruise Control         185.00
K68   105 Amp Alternator     0.00
L98   Engine, 350 V8 5.7 MPFI   0.00
MD8   Automatic 700R4        0.00
MXO   Automatic Transmission w/Overdrive   0.00
NA5   Federal Emission System Requirements   0.00
NN5   California Emission Requirements   0.00
PW9   16X9.5 Wheels, Cast Aluminum   0.00
QZD   P255/50VR16bw Tires    0.00
UQ4   Delco/Bose Music System   0.00
UU8   Delco/Bose Stereo System AM/FM w/Dolby   905.00
VG8   Vehicle label Notice To Buyers   0.00
*VO8   Heavy Duty Cooling    0.00
VO1   Heavy Duty Radiator    40.00
V73   Vehicle Statement Certificate US or Canada   0.00
Z52   Sport Handling Package 470.00
Z6A   Rear Window/Side Mirror Defogger   165.00
1AY   Stock Order   0.00
621   Saddle Interior Trim   0.00
*602   Saddle Leather Interior   0.00
622   Saddle Interior Color  0.00
645   Bronze Roof Panel      0.00
74U   Dark (Flame) Red Metallic   0.00
ZLC   350 V8 5.7 Litre w/Auto   0.00
ZLA   350 V8 5.7 Litre       0.00
64S   Removable Roof Panel, Bronze   615.00

BSE/CLR COAT WA 8748 U8148 622 Saddle or Tan

* Not listed, part of a package in other codes.

Based on Options this Corvette cost approximately $33,438.00
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