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1983 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Xtreme_D

"1983 Monte Carlo SS"

1983 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1983 Ss
Owner:   Xtreme_D
Year: 1983
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Monte Carlo
Est.Horsepower: 200
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I bought this car in the summer of 2011. It was purchased from the original owner. He was a General Motors employee and this was his first "Employee discount" purchase. It only has 52,xxx miles on the clock. It took home many awards from the NMCOA "Monte Carlo Nationals" conventions over the years.(With the previous owner)
The only things that aren't original or genuine GM parts are as follows:
Alternator. (it went out while prev owner was out of state headed to a NMCOA show. Anybody got an NOS GM replacement for me?)
Upper radiator hose. (Same reason as alternator)
Tires. (although it still has Good Year Eagle GT+4 tires circa 1988)
Trunk carpet. (original backing rotted)
Steering wheel. (I put on the billet wheel and put the original wheel away for safekeeping)
By the 1983 only 4714 Monte Carlo SS were produced.
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