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1984 Chevrolet C10 Pickup - ad53030

"Daily Driver"

1984 Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1
Owner:   ad53030
Year: 1984
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C10 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 325
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Engine: 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 liter V8 and matching 4L60 four speed automatic with receipts, 7.000 mile motor from LKQ auto recycling (about 10k now). A custom wiring harness was made for use in the 1984 from Current Performance. Harness includes a factory style under-hood fuse and relay center. The ECU was left basically stock other than removing the anti-theft feature and modifying the factory torque management. This leaves a ton of room for future tuning for power and performance. The fuel system is completely new including the factory style fuel tank, Wal-Bro 255 fuel pump (capable of feed up to 700 hp), sending unit, all hardware, new fuel filter (97-04 LS1 C5), AN conversion fittings. Air intake is through a K&N cone style reusable filter, aluminum tubing, and factor mass air sensor.  Also has new OEM replacement engine mounts. Run only Mobil 1 full-synthetic oil and AC Delco filters.  New OEM replacement battery.    
Cooling System: 1994 Chevy ½ Silverado Aluminum core Radiator. Lincoln Mark VIII 1993-1998 style, hi-output electric fan. New factory style radiator hoses, Dex-Cool anti-freeze.  
Transmission: The transmission controller was modified to firm up shifting in the transmission (new OEM filter, gasket, and fully synthetic transmission fluid).  Factory driveshaft shortened and completely balanced, new Spicer high strength U-joints.
Air Conditioning: OEM 1984 A/C system combined with factory 2007 Compressor, new evaporator core, new drier, new complete custom A/C hoses, new condenser, 134a Freon.  

Chassis & Brakes & Wheels
Suspension: Completely rebuilt front suspension including new Energy Suspension Hi-performance Polyurethane upper & lower Control arm bushings, Moog hi performance upper and lower ball joints, factory replacement inner and out tie rod ends and idler arm, and new front/rear Summit Racing sport truck shocks.  Completely aligned and in factory specs. The truck has factory power steering pump (2007), stock power steering box (1984), with a custom made pressure hose and new return line. It is fitted with factory manual disc/drum brakes. Brakes Front: New factory replacement rotors, brake pads, calipers, wheels bearings, Bendix brake hoses. Brakes Rear: OEM drums, new brake shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware kit, and rear Bendix brake hose.   Rear-end: Stock 8.5” 10-bolt rear, non-positraction. Wheels are a very nice set of factory GM 15x8 rallies with nice factory center caps, decent factory stainless trim rings, new valve stems, and a set of chrome lug nuts and wheel locks. Tires are 235/75/15 Goodyear’s with 20-30% life remaining.  

This truck was a 94,000 original from the Arkansas area. This was not a worn-out work truck as so many of these trucks are, and the body and the bed reflect that lack of abuse. There is some rust in the cab corners and rocker panels. This was extremely common on these trucks and this is not a hard fix at all. I am including a pair of left and right cab corner repair panels and the rocker panels are cheap and widely available from companies such as Classic Industries or LMC. Also, the seam filler seam around the tops of the door jambs has rusted but not that bad, and again very common. The floors were solid with only surface rust and were coated in black POR-15 to seal them. There are only a handful of dings or dents with the worst being a shot in the passenger side back corner of the cab. The original paint has some chips and nicks and some surface rust, but the positive is that it’s definitely not five paint jobs hiding who knows what. This truck has not a drop of Bondo.

Instead of the popular dual headlight Suburban/Blazer conversion, I kept the factory single headlight grill style. The grill is NOS GM from Classic Industries (b/c the reproductions look terrible!) along with new GM Bowtie emblem, new reproduction parking lenses, and new Sylvania sealed beam Halogen headlights. Truck also has a new OEM replacement windshield and new blades, but it’s ready for a new wiper motor. The front passenger side fender was replaced (used GM) along with a factory chrome bumper (used GM). The factory cowl panel was replaced (used GM) because previous owner cut a hole in it to mount an antenna. The rear painted steel bumper was replaced with a used GM Suburban, Blazer type chrome bumper to match the front and new OEM style reproduction tail lenses. The factory small style side mirrors were replaced with the optional large stainless steel mirrors (used GM). Truck has factory spare carrier and a 15x7 rally wheel (88-98 style) as a spare. Also has new OEM replacement locking gas cap.  

Classic Chevrolet style, updated comfort, and my budget all shaped my interior. I wanted to use as many factory parts as possible and make it more than just livable, while keeping costs down. Again I was building this interior for my daily driver, not a show car. While some things aren’t perfect show quality, it’s a great driver. I installed Fat Mat sound deadener on the roof, doors, floor, and cab and it helped a lot. Factory dash, door panels, and trim all dyed with Dupli-color products and look great. Factory gauge cluster bezel mounts Auto Meter Traditional series gauges Speedometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Temp, Volts, and fuel from Summit Racing.  Bezel also has LED turn signals, hi-beam indicator, and check engine light. Wiring harness has a very cool factory style OBDII access port mounted under driver-side dash. Also new headliner and new Classic Industries premium replacement carpet. A/C vents are tight and unbroken. A late 90’s Chevy steering wheel is mounted on a tight, rebuilt tilt column with a new ignition switch, new ignition lock cylinder, and new turn signal cancel cam. A factory 90’s Chevy bench looks good and is very comfortable. Truck has a nice Alpine CD player/MP3 player with remote, and 2 Sony 6.5” speakers mounted in the kick panels.  


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Nice parts hauler.
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